The Gandhi Walk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1. On what date is the Gandhi Walk?
A.1.  Sunday 05 April 2020.

Q.2. What is the starting times for the Fun Walk?

12km Fun Walk 09:00am
6km Fun Walk 09:15am
3km Fun Walk 09:30am

Q.3. Where is the starting & finishing venue?
A.3. Both 3km, 6km and 12km Walks starts and finishes at the:
Gandhi Hall, Impala Crescent, Extension 5, Lenasia.

Q.4. How much does it cost to enter the race?
A.4. The price for late entry, is R40.

Q.5. Will prizes, or trophies be awarded to participants?
A.5. Trophies will be awarded as follows:

1st, 2nd and 3rd winning male and female walkers will receive trophies.
A commemorative t-shirt will be given to the first 3000 participants crossing the finish line.
There will be lots of spot-prizes given to walkers.

Q.6. How do I get to the venue?
A.6. For detailed instructions on how to get to the venue, refer to Contacts Us.

Q.7. Where can I park?

A.7. There will be plenty of on-street parking available close to the Gandhi Hall. There will also be secure FREE parking available at the Impala School Grounds adjacent to the Gandhi Hall. The entrance is on Mandrill Street. See MAP for directions.

Q.8. What time should I arrive?
A.8. It is recommended you arrive at least one hour before the start and earlier if you can. Most of the participants arrive between 7.30 - 8:15am. If you can arrive before 8am you will "beat the crush" and experience little traffic congestion, you will be able to get one of the best parking spaces. You will arrive at the start line more relaxed and have a better chance of a good walk!

Q.9. Who can I contact for Walkers Numbers or any queries?
A.9. Please refer to the Contacts Us page for further information. You can also purchase your entry ticket in advance from or Pick n Pay stores for the 3KM Walk, 6KM Walk and 12KM Walk.

Q.10. Can I enter on the day?
A.10. Yes, Walker Numbers will be sold from the special late entry tents at a late-entry cost of R40 per participant number.

Q.11. How many walkers usually enter the race?
A.11. Upwards of 5000 walkers.

Q.12. What is there to do after I complete the walk or run?
A.12. The Gandhi Walk Committee hosts a full day programme with lots of fun and entertainment provided following the trophy and prize presentations. Check out the NEWS page to find out more about activities and entertainment planned for this year’s Gandhi Walk.

Map of 6km & 12km Route

Gandhi Walk Beneficiaries

The organisations listed below have benefited from the Gandhi Walk

01. 702 World Aids Day (Topsy foundation)
02. Amrit Bhowan Scholarship Fund
03. Ananda Marga Mission
04. Aryan Benevolent Home
05. Daxina Seva Samaj
06. Eastwave blanket Drive
07. Evaton Child & Family Assoc.
08. Family Health Services
09. Gauteng Hindu natural Disaster Fund
10. Gauteng Hindu Tsunami Relief
11. Hare Krishna Food for Life
12. Health Workers Assoc. (Jacksons Drift)
13. HOPE
14. Ikageng Old Age Relief Centre
15. Jairam Bhana c/o Kamalka Records
16. Jayant Ooka Quadruplets Fund
17. JHB Council for the Disabled
18. Jiswa School for Mentally Handicapped
19. Johannesburg Yuvak Mandal
20. Lenasia Inter Cultural Organisation
21. Lenasia School of Music
22. Lens Assoc. for Physically Disabled
23. Let's Do It 4 Education
24. M.C. Kharbhai School for the Deaf
25. Mayfair Recreation Centre
26. Moses Maren Mission
27. Nishtara Lodge
28. Nursery School
29. Operation Hunger
30. Orient Sea Side Fund
31. Planned Parenthood/Family Health Ser.
32. Robert & Claire Peters Fund
33. S.A. National T.B. Association
34. S.O.S. Childrens Village - Ennerdale
35. Saaberie Chisty Ambulance
36. Saaberie Chisty Blanket drive
37. Sandton Hindu Samaj
38. Sivan Koil
39. Society For Children & Adults Autism
40. Sri Adi Samkara Ashrama
41. TIBA
42. Tvl Hindu Seva Samaj
43. United Creative Enterprises